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Kevin Lockwood

Speaker, Spiritual Practitioner, Intentional Life-Journey Coach EnvoyPeace Coaching & Consulting
Address 950 Wadsworth Blvd Ste 201 Lakewood Colorado 80214 United StatesAddress 17671 W 83rd Pl Arvada CO 80007 United States Cell Phone: 7202555470 Website: Website


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For decades I worked within coaching and improvement programs that were either highly engaged in the mental and physical realm with little foundation in the heart and emotional intelligence, or very focused on the heart and emotions with little foundation for grounded action. After ineffectively trying to evolve other systems, I looked at the best tools from both worlds and was compelled to create something entirely new . . . Intentional Life-Journey Coaching.

Kevin is the founder of EnvoyPeace Coaching & Consulting, creator of Intentional Life-Journey Coaching, and author of Be the Designer of Your Life. He offers thirty years of experience creating transformation from the inside out for individuals, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations in over fifty countries. Kevin loves this practice because the most empowering solutions not only involve the people facing challenges, but indeed come from deep within them. We all have the power to transform mental and emotional blocks into healthy new awarenesses, and to create a more fulfilling and meaningful experience of life. With his guidance as a coach, the journey inward will reveal your unique solutions to create a transformation designed intentionally by you.