Purchase Memberships, Marketing Tables and More to Promote Your Business.


Join BHS or purchase a marketing table or name badge to promote your business. 


$99- $299 / year

Memberships is a great way to be seen, pay for admission a year in advance and also be a part of our online directory. Sign up here to join BHS.

Marketing Table


Our marketing tables give you the opportunity to show off your business or product with like-minded  professionals. Each marketing table is highlighted at the end of our meetings and you have a two minutes to present your business to the group. We always encourage that you raffle off a product or service with a business card drawing to encourage participation. Bring fliers, products, and business cards.

Name Badge


Order a custom BHS Name Tag with your name and business and our logo.  It will include your name and title OR business name, display the BHS logo and identify you as a business honoring spirituality. We place a group order once monthly.